Clay Sculptor

Your Idea Sucks. But guess What? It Doesn’t Matter.

When it comes to ideas, you have to get used to having your perfect sculptures squished.

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Words of wisdom.
Lots of them.

Besides his book, Marc writes occasionally about startups, entrepreneurship, leadership, and whatever else is on his mind (some of it is even interesting).

He also does a lot of speaking, and has been interviewed and profiled by a range of publications and podcasts. Some of the most thoughtful, useful, and/or impressive examples are here, from the very recent to the prehistoric.

That Will

The real-life, totally improbable story of Netflix’s early days, told in Marc Randolph’s unconventional, engaging, inspiring style. A vivid primer on the realities of startup ventures, and a seriously entertaining read.

Available Sept 17, 2019
That Will