Where ideas come from. And how to make them real.

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Marc speaks frequently at industry events, sales meetings, and conferences, in venues ranging from 10,000 seat auditoriums to corporate board rooms. His message of innovation, disruption, and bold determination has proven to resonate with everyone from students, to early stage founders, to veteran corporate executives.

Frequent topics include:

  • Methodologies for generating new ideas
  • Techniques for validating ideas quickly and cheaply
  • Tips and tools for starting and growing companies

All of Marc’s talks are delivered with energy and wit, drawing on examples from his broad experience as an innovator, stories from the founding and growth of Netflix, and lessons learned while mentoring and investing in hundreds of early stage startups.

If you’re interested in booking Marc as a speaker, or have questions about whether he’d be a good fit for your group, please contact his speaker’s bureau Big Speak, at info@bigspeak.com.

Marc is a great storyteller with lessons that can be applied to all business; from startups to legacy brands. He is logical, down-to-earth and entertaining. His personal stories demonstrate a unique perspective on transforming mindsets on behalf of companies and brands in an ever-evolving digital age.

— Keith Farley
Director of Customer Experience, Aflac

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Marc was outstanding. His content and delivery were inspiring. Having him as a speaker added value not only to our conference; the way he challenged us to think differently will continue to influence the audience’s mindset.

— Rebecca Nerad
Head of Marketing and Customer Success, BristleCone

An inspiring,

Marc’s message of bold
determination is for anyone
trying to bring ideas to life.

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Having Marc Randolph as a speaker at eMerge Americas 2016 elevated the overall level of our content and provided our thousands of attendees with a unique view into the mind of an entrepreneur that has changed the face of entertainment.

— Xavier Gonzalez
Chief Executive Officer, eMerge Americas